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Science in the News Fall lecture series

September 2, 2010

I’m a member of a graduate student group called “Science in the News.” Every fall, we do a lecture series of fun and interesting science topics, and present them to a general audience. I’ll be talking more about it later, but the schedule is up.

Sept 22 Evidence-based Medicine: A Case Study of Vaccines and Autism
Sept 29 Bots That Mimic Bugs: Flying, Crawling, and Squishy Robots
Oct 6 You Are What Your Mother Ate: The New Science of Epigenetics
Oct 13 Beyond Agribusiness: New and Old Ways to Grow Food
Oct 20 The Laser Turns 50: A Brief History and New Frontiers
Oct 27 Forget-Me-Not: How Memories Are Formed and Lost
Nov 3 Our Microbial Organ: The Good and Bad Bugs of the Human Gut
Nov 10 The Science of Dogs: History, Psychology, and Genetics of Man’s Best Friend
Nov 17 Star Power: New Ways to Harvest Energy from our Sun

I’m doing the one on commensal microbes November 3rd (surprised?). If you’re in the Boston area during any of these lectures, you should definitely stop by, they’re always a lot of fun.

This year, we’re also filming the lectures, and I’ll mention when/where they are posted.

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